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The SEO scares you? You do not see very well what it could serve you (small or big) entrepreneur who already have a website?Tell me, are you happy with your website? It is perhaps very beautiful, very aesthetic, and very recent … But does it relate to you? How many visits a day? How many new contacts per week…?

That’s why mastering your SEO is absolutely essential and even vital for you. Because it is only thanks to him that your company will stand out, and be visible on the Internet. And being visible on the web, it is simply survive today. The right Internet Marketing is important here. In this post we give you practices to follow, absolutely essential, to improve SEO.

First SEO is what exactly?

This acronym stands for Search Engine Optimization in English, and translates into search engine optimization. That said, the term Anglo-Saxon is most often used. This notion can be defined as the art of positioning a site, a web page or an application in the first natural results of the search engines.

We refer to SEO when you do not have to pay Google to be well positioned. It is true that we speak more often of Google since it is the undisputed leader of the search engines in the world: 92.9% of market share in 2016 all the same!

About the SEO strategy …

Implementing an SEO strategy always behaves in the long term (and we are talking about months rather than weeks! )His goal? Get the most visibility and traffic on your site.

In addition to increasing your site’s traffic, SEO can be a powerful marketing tool . Remember, a successful website can be your biggest business asset! Your site will become the showcase of your professionalism and your expertise. Thus, it will allow you to multiply your prospects and convert them (fairly) easily into customers.

Improve the technical aspects of your site

If possible, start by performing an SEO audit of your site. This will help you reveal missing tags, broken links, and error pages. All these “details” can drastically reduce your natural search engine ranking.

Little trick stupid: optimize your images can greatly help you to be visible by the search engines ( read our article on the subject ). Also be precise in SEO titles, permalinks and meta descriptions ( which must always be written by yourself ). This will make searching and understanding easier for users. This audit will also detect any duplicate pages on your site (which limit traffic) and delete them.

Today, the most important part of Internet browsing is via mobile (in 2017, 60% of French people used the Internet via their mobile phone – figures for 2017). Your site must be optimized for mobile. We talk about responsive design when a site adapts to all terminals: computers, smartphonesand tablets.

If your site is responsive, it will have a faster loading time. And of course, it improves the SEO (thankfully, this is our goal!). Indeed, the loading speed is one of the Google analysis criteria to correctly reference your site.

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